Welcome To The Spa Room: Beauty Inside & Out

At Urban Eve, we believe that beauty radiates from within. Our mission is to help make people feel beautiful from the inside out which is why we’re so excited to announce that we have a spa room — an inviting, serene, and beautiful space where we’re able to offer you more solutions to your needs. We have thoughtfully created a service menu that caters to your every need, ensuring a personalized and luxurious experience. Holistic Approach: This room was designed as a natural extension of our core mission. We understand

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Why Go Pro?

If you’ve ever gotten your hair done in a premier salon, you’ve probably had a stylist recommend shampoo, conditioner or another product for you to take home. One thing your stylist maybe hasn’t fully explained to you is why professionals recommend professional product. There are several reasons why “going pro” is a good thing for you, as someone getting a hair service. Bailey, a Level 4AA stylist at Urban Eve in Medina says, “I recommend professional product to my guests to guarantee their color looks like the goal we’ve set

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At Urban Eve, we want to leave our mark in positive ways. We do that a lot through giving back locally, but we also give back globally. While we support local Minnesota charities each month by donating 1% of our monthly sales, we also carry many ‘give back brands’. These are brands that are based outside of Minnesota, but the core mission is the same as ours. One of those give-back brands is Bridgewater Candle Company. If you’ve stopped in our boutique long enough, you have seen Bridgewater candles spread

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Process of dyeing hair at beauty salon.

The Connection

There is, without a doubt, something very special about a salon chair. When someone sits in it, something happens to the filter they keep their words sifting through on a daily basis. It’s almost impossible to pinpoint when the relationship between a guest and a stylist dives further into a vulnerable space and further away from that filter. As a stylist myself, I’ve experienced it happening on the first visit with a guest, and for others, it takes closer to three to four sessions. The magic of the chair, though?

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Strip Sign of Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

Late this summer, Katie and Emily went to a clothing trade show in Las Vegas. Their mission was to buy clothing to close out fall, winter, holiday, and the start of spring. Before we dive more into what they bought, let’s answer the question that you have on your mind right now, what is a clothing trade show? A trade show is a special event that brings together fashion designers, brand owners, recurring clients, and potential clients. Designers and brand owners show off their collections to the recurring or potential

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The Dress Edit

I don’t know about you, but we can always find a reason to wear a dress. A breathable knee length cotton dress for summer (pick any bright color), a floor-length floral-patterned dress for your girl’s brunch, or a simple black dress with long sleeves and a cinched side for date night. Dresses don’t always have to be so uniform they can be fun and easy to style and accessorize with things that are already in your arsenal! Level up your summer dress look with these 5 simple tips! 1. GRAPHIC

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