Why Go Pro?

If you’ve ever gotten your hair done in a premier salon, you’ve probably had a stylist recommend shampoo, conditioner or another product for you to take home. One thing your stylist maybe hasn’t fully explained to you is why professionals recommend professional product.

There are several reasons why “going pro” is a good thing for you, as someone getting a hair service. Bailey, a Level 4AA stylist at Urban Eve in Medina says, “I recommend professional product to my guests to guarantee their color looks like the goal we’ve set at their appointment for as long as possible.” In the same tone, Rialee, a Level 4 stylist at Urban Eve Medina explains, “I think the most important thing to remember as a consumer is the goal is to utilize quality ingredients in the products, and if they’re getting product through their stylist, it’s to also take advantage of a plan that has been truly customized for them by someone who truly knows them and their hair needs.”

Jess, also a Level 4 stylist, says whatever is prescribed to you by your stylist is a great tool “to genuinely target your hair concerns; whether it’s protecting your color or just enhancing/healing what you want.”

Non-professional, “drug store” products are often not what they appear to be as far as the labels go. Professional product is created with specific ingredients to target specific parts of the hair by people who truly know the science of it. Most non-professional products have “fillers” in them for manufacturers to fill the bottles and make as much profit as possible. These products are known to include plastic resins, water, and waxes to do just that. These fillers don’t benefit the makeup of hair and can cause buildup on the hair that cannot just affect the appearance of your hair, but also the health of it.

One other very important thought to keep in mind when deciding whether to “go pro” or not, is how much you give to get your hair looking and feeling its best. If you’re spending your very important time and your hard-earned money on a haircut and/or color service with a professional, investing in professional product will only be an investment to keep the benefits of that service for a longer period of time- possibly making the time between your visits longer too!

There is not a requirement at Urban Eve for our guests to purchase or use professional product, and there is no shame given in our chairs. As a team, we agree to that and to only recommend products we genuinely believe you can and will benefit from. We are here to help our guests in any capacity, especially with your hair and the investments you put into it.

– Stephany Luithly

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