At Urban Eve, we want to leave our mark in positive ways. We do that a lot through giving back locally, but we also give back globally. While we support local Minnesota charities each month by donating 1% of our monthly sales, we also carry many ‘give back brands’. These are brands that are based outside of Minnesota, but the core mission is the same as ours. One of those give-back brands is Bridgewater Candle Company.

If you’ve stopped in our boutique long enough, you have seen Bridgewater candles spread out around our space. You might even know some of their scents by heart, like Sweet Grace or Welcome Home. We always have the 18.5 oz jars in store, and periodically we’ll have candles from a seasonal collection. In 2012, Bridgewater decided to join in the fight against world hunger; they saw the number of children dying of hunger each year and decided something needed to change, which led to a partnership with Rice Bowls.

Rice Bowls is a non-profit that partners with grass-roots children’s homes to cover the cost of locally sourced meals for the children. Since then, they have been able to help provide over 13 million meals. How it works is 1 candle covers the cost of 3 meals for one child. Those meals are going to children in Ethiopia, Honduras, Haiti, Zambia, India, Nicaragua, and the Philippines.

The impact of providing these meals goes far beyond just giving food to children. It cuts the stress off the children’s homes directors, so now they can better focus on the children; by providing them instruction, love, and care. Stories of the impact being made in children’s lives can be found on a hang tag on every jar in Bridgewater’s core collection.

Bridgewater truly seeks to fight world hunger and make the solution a sustainable one with Rice Bowls. It isn’t every day you find a company like this, and that is why we’re proud at Urban Eve to have Bridgewater Candles as a staple brand you’ll find in our store year-round.

– Emily Vogt