Viva Las Vegas

Strip Sign of Las Vegas

Late this summer, Katie and Emily went to a clothing trade show in Las Vegas. Their mission was to buy clothing to close out fall, winter, holiday, and the start of spring. Before we dive more into what they bought, let’s answer the question that you have on your mind right now, what is a clothing trade show? A trade show is a special event that brings together fashion designers, brand owners, recurring clients, and potential clients. Designers and brand owners show off their collections to the recurring or potential clients. (It is referred to as “market” in our world.)

Appointments were set-up with staple brands in Urban Eve’s boutique such as Z-Supply, Elan, and Lovestitch. A new technique that Katie and Emily used while shopping was having the capsule wardrobe in mind. In using this technique, they were thoughtful in how they bought clothing from recurring and new brands. Family photos, holiday parties, spring break, girl’s weekend; were just some of the events they thought about when buying clothing.

They were also thoughtful when choosing to buy from a new brand. This spring you will see the new brand, brave + true. They’re one of the most loved women’s wear brands in Australia. Their clothes are designed with the idea that any woman can wear them at any age, any time of day, and at any size. You will want to bring the pieces we have coming on your next vacation! Sadly, we must go through a Minnesota winter before we can get to spring, but don’t worry we have cozy pieces coming from Z-Supply, Elan, and Freepeople! We can’t wait to see you in our boutique this fall/winter!

– Emily Vogt

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