The Dress Edit

I don’t know about you, but we can always find a reason to wear a dress. A breathable knee length cotton dress for summer (pick any bright color), a floor-length floral-patterned dress for your girl’s brunch, or a simple black dress with long sleeves and a cinched side for date night. Dresses don’t always have to be so uniform they can be fun and easy to style and accessorize with things that are already in your arsenal! Level up your summer dress look with these 5 simple tips!


You’ll need shoelaces to achieve this cute look! Simply tie the shoelace around your graphic tee and when you securely tie it gently pull your tee to cover the shoelace. Creating this cute, simple, and easy look! Another way to style your favorite graphic tee with your summer dresses is to tie the extra fabric into a knot off to the side or in the center.


On chilly nights during the summer and going into the fall season (let’s be honest we’ll try to drag summer as long as we can) adding a jean jacket to your look is the perfect touch! Denim is so neutral that you can pretty much wear it with anything. If you want to add extra flare incorporate a neck scarf. Another cute look is getting a denim button down and tying each side into a knot.


Functional yet stylish! The last couple summers we’ve seen white sneakers being the most popular to wear with long summer dresses, but you can mix and match your patterns and colors with your shoes too! If you have a dusty pink summer dress, try some sneakers with a leopard print accent on them. Mix your summer pastel colors by wearing a pastel-colored sneaker, a bold choice for a bold woman!


Clothing pieces and accessories aren’t the only way to level up your look when wearing a dress. The classic french twist is so choice, especially when going to brunch, outdoor parties, or for date night. You don’t necessarily need to prep your hair for this look, but if you wanted to do a little something you could spray some texturizing spray in your hair. Triple Dry from Redken is an amazing texturizing spray (sold in-store at Urban Eve). Simply put all your hair in a low ponytail, twist up, fold down and tuck the ends, then secure either a fork pin or bobby pins, and voile you’re done!


It’s amazing how lipstick can either be the pop of color you need with a neutral-toned outfit or be the thing that pulls the outfit together. We value what our consumers are buying and that includes make-up which is why we carry Bare Minerals make-up they have an amazing variety of matte lipsticks, mineral-based smoothing lipsticks, hydrating lip glosses, and so much more! Bare Minerals has the best blooming pinks, earthy nudes, and juicy berry purples.
We hope these tips help you the next time you’re styling an outfit for yourself! If you want some help visualizing some of these tips come and visit the boutique and someone from guest services can help you. We look forward to seeing you!

– Emily Vogt