How Can We Help You?

At Urban Eve we take pride in welcoming everyone into our space and caring for our guests while they’re visiting. To us it doesn’t matter if you walk in because you’re checking in for your hair appointment or you want to see what is new in our space, everyone matters to us. We want to help you find what you’re looking for whether that is a hair product you heard of the last time you were visiting or a clothing item you saw on Instagram.

A unique quality that we have is the people you hear over the phone when you call us or come in to check-in for your hair appointment are the same people who style our boutique, the mannequins, help our shoppers during their visit, and so much more! Finding that clothing piece that will be a staple in your closet for the season can be so much fun and a little exciting and we want to be a part of that process with you. We try and do things a little differently when it comes to caring for our shopping guests.

We want to share our latest styles that we have in our space with you, our space is constantly changing with new clothing that comes in every one to two weeks. In order to keep up with the demand we have in our boutique we only order six of each clothing item meaning something that you saw on our Instagram last week probably won’t be in our boutique the following week, or at least not in the size you’re needing. Always feel free to call our salon and ask our guest services about a boutique item you’re interested in, ask them about our policy on holding items, or about our policy on a payment taken over the phone. We understand that you can’t always stop in and talk in person, so we want to work with you because you matter!

You will probably see brands that you don’t see anywhere else and because every brand’s sizing fits a little differently you will probably hear us ask, “can I get a fitting room started for you?” We understand that not many people like trying on clothes in store, but we hope to maintain a space that is calm and makes you feel comfortable staying a little bit longer to try on some items. We want to make sure you have the sizes you need and help you style that piece you’re not quite sure about, but you still want to try on anyway. Don’t be alarmed if you hear a knock on the door and a voice saying, “How are you doing? Is there anything I can help you with?” Or “Hey! I found a jacket to go with those jeans and top you found; thought you might like it!”

Let’s say you bring an item home, and it’s doesn’t feel good on or even though it said the size you normally wear it doesn’t fit quite right, no shame we’ve all been there, no worries our return policy is two weeks for in store credit. We ask that you bring your original receipt or gift certificate along with the item you’d like to return and then we will return the cost of that item onto your account for in-store credit. Anytime you check out you will hear our guest services ask, “Have you shopped here before? What is your first and last name?”
The store credit stays on your account for however long it takes you to spend it (hopefully not too long *wink*). You don’t necessarily need to only spend your store credit solely on boutique items. You can spend it on other things we offer at Urban Eve: Bare Minerals make-up, Redken or Pureology hair care, or do a little self-care day, and book a shampoo blow dry with one of our fabulous stylists!

It matters to us that you have a good experience when you come into our space. It is our goal that these little things we do to set us apart from other places you shop make you cared for and enhance your time shopping with us! Let us help style you and help you put together outfits for that vacation you have coming up. We want to help make the most of your visit, so how can we help you?

-Emily Vogt

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