5 Things You Should Know About Urban Eve Medina

1. The vibe “just feels different.”

Here at Urban Eve Medina, we want to create a space that feels safe, relaxing, and luxurious. For the last almost six years we’ve made it a goal to “make people feel beautiful from the inside out”, as our company mission statement says. This means, from the moment anyone (including members of the tribe) opens our front door, until they walk into the rest of their day, we strive to not only make them look stunning, but more importantly, we want them to feel incredible.

2. We give back locally.

Each month, we choose to take 1% of our total sales and give it back to a local non-profit organization. Our community is so important, and we know there is need everywhere, so our team members nominate different organizations, and each month, there is a new opportunity for us to help hand-picked, important causes right inside our community.

3. Recycling is a priority.

Green Circle salons throughout the United States are taking action against salon waste by recycling things like foils, unused hair color, empty color tubes, and any plastic bottles. While we like to support local, we also want to recognize our earth as one big community. We want to make sure that the community stays clean and safe and one way we try to do our part in that is by being a Green Circle salon.

4. We don’t specialize.

Specializing in a salon means that there are stylists who only do specific parts of a full hair service. For example, a stylist who specializes in color won’t be cutting or styling. Or a stylist who specializes in design won’t be doing color services. This means, that each client who wants both a color service and a cut at a specializing salon would have to see two different stylists. As service providers, we of course want you to leave with an exceptional look, but we also want you to have the ease and comfortability of staying with one person your entire visit. We want to see your look from beginning to end too! Along with the ease and involvement of not specializing, we also want to continue that goal of making our guests feel beautiful from the inside out; to us, this means building a relationship with our guests as fully as possible. That is why we don’t specialize here at Urban Eve Medina.

5. The salon is locally owned but started in Texas.

If you type “Urban Eve Salon and Boutique” into a search engine, you’ll find our location information along with several locations in Texas. About fifteen years ago, Jason and Jennifer Culverhouse founded Urban Eve in Lake Jackson. They happened to hire Gavin as their business consultant through Summit Salon Systems. A couple of years into their professional relationship, Gavin and his wife, Katie ended up being great friends with Jason and Jennifer. As more time went on, Katie, who was a hair stylist and Gavin came to believe so much in the mission of the company, and as a team, Jason and Jennifer encouraged Katie and Gavin to open a location in their own community. The rest is history!

-Stephany Cole