Nurse Injector

Tina Falvey, RN

Meet Our Nurse Injector, Tina

We’re so excited for Nurse Tina to join our team here at Urban Eve and equally excited to offer injection services in our treatment room. Tina works under the direction of Medical Director, Dr. Dan Falvey.

A Minnesota native, Tina graduated from the U of M with her Masters in Nursing and has 12 years of experience working in Pediatrics, and other hospital departments. Making her skilled in critical decision-making, assessing a detailed care plan, and being efficient in her work. These skills coupled with her eye for detail all adds to the tremendous care she provides for clients when injecting.

Upon joining our team, Tina has gone through extensive training, learning the art and science behind aesthetic medicine. Tina’s knowledge of facial structure, partnered with her expertise in the medical field, blend beautifully. Allowing her to have crafted a method that naturally enhances your look. Tina developed a delicate touch while working in Pediatrics that has translated flawlessly when performing cosmetic procedures.

Tina is excited to connect with you! She will work with you to create a customized care plan ensuring you’re provided with the highest level of care. Tina believes in enhancing your natural beauty to channel your inner beauty and would love to work with you on any injection aspirations you might be interested in.

Tina lives in Maple Grove with her husband and three children. She loves spending time with her family and going on “experiences” together.